Side Events Gallery SHOES N°6

[ February 17, 2020 ]

Side Events

Gallery SHOES N°6


International Trade Show for Shoes & Accessories

8–10 March 2020



Sunday, 8 March & Monday, 9 March 2020


Fashion Shows – Trends for Autumn/Winter 2020/21

 At 11:00 am and 3:00 pm on each day – Catwalk area in ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

In the Gallery SHOES Selected Show, exhibitors from the different zones – from PREMIUM to CONTEMPORARY and COMFORT – will be presenting key trends for the next autumn/winter 2020/21 season. The list includes brands like WONDERS (CONTEMPORARY ZONE), HAFLINGER (COMFORT ZONE), FRED DE LA BRETONIÈRE & SHABBIES AMSTERDAM, SCHWANGAU and BGENTS (PREMIUM ZONE).


Sunday, 8 March 2020

TW Order-Info – Trends for Autumn/Winter 2020/21 (simultaneously interpreted into English)

12:00 noon – ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Speakers: Gudrun Allstädt & Simone Reiner, TextilWirtschaft magazine

There’s a lot going on in the ladies’ and menswear sector: the silhouettes are more relaxed, the colours are calmer and the looks more dressed-up. But what does that mean for shoes? How is the business developing? Where do the opportunities lie and where can things be scaled down? Gudrun Allstädt and Simone Reiner, fashion editors at TextilWirtschaft magazine, will be discussing the answers to these questions and giving us an insight into all the major trends.


NEW: Presentation by Schuhe24‘Opportunities for retailers: Between the shopping experience in stores and online sales in Europe’

1:00 pm – ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Speaker: Dr Dominik Benner, Managing Partner of Schuhe24

Dr Dominik Benner from Schuhe24 has not only built up four industry platforms but also experiences what makes good retail on a daily basis. According to him, the future success of retailers will come down to whether they can grow online and offer their customers more than just goods on the shop floor.


Presentation by Fashion Trend PoolSUSTAINABILITY & SHOES

2:00 pm, ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Speaker: Karolina Landowski, Fashion Trend Pool

Target groups are developing an increasing awareness of the purpose, sustainability and origin of products. In her presentation, Karolina Landowski will be letting us in on the important opportunities this new eco awareness brings for the shoe industry and retailers


ModEurop – Fashion Forecast for Summer 2021

Is it time for the minimalistic kitten mule? Or the hybrid deep footbed sandal?

3:30 pm – ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Speaker: Martin Wuttke, Head of Vision at nextguruNow  

Here at Gallery SHOES, everything revolves around the new collections for autumn/winter 2020/21. ModEurop trend expert Martin Wuttke is ahead of his time: his forecasts, which not only take fashion into consideration, but also social movements and influences from the international art and music scene, focus on both short- and longer-term trends. At Gallery SHOES, he will be giving us a glimpse of all the colours, materials and looks that summer 2021 will bring.


Monday, 9 March 2020

 Presentation by SCALERION – ‘Retailers earn more with Scalerion!’

 10:30 am – ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Speaker: Thomas Wetzlar, Managing Director of SCALERION

For quite some time now, companies like Zalando, Amazon and Otto have no longer been earning their money as classic retailers, but predominantly as marketplaces. Free of risk, they are turning their access to customers into money and, with every sale of their marketplace participants, also learning which goods they should be buying in the future. With Scalerion, a technology is now available that enables every retailer to also become a marketplace themselves, without any additional costs or risks. In this presentation you will find out how Scalerion is empowering retailers to connect with manufacturers and distributors in new ways and impress end consumers with a stationary shopping experience!


 HDS/L Press Conference (simultaneously interpreted into English)

12:00 noon – ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Participants: Manfred Junkert, General Manager of the HDS/L; Prof. Dr Siegfried Jacobs, Managing Director of the BDSE; Brigitte Wischnewski, President of the BDSE, Ulrike Kähler, Project Director of Gallery SHOES

Moderator: Dr Claudia Schulz, Press & Public Relations at the HDS/ L

With facts and figures, the HDS/L Bundesverband der Schuh- und Lederwarenindustrie (German Federal Association of the Footwear and Leather Goods Industry) will be providing insights into the current situation in the shoe industry. And in addition to the latest industry statistics, representatives from the Bundesverband des Deutschen Schuheinzelhandels (Federal Association of the German Shoe Retail Trade) will be reporting on the status quo of the shoe trade.


NEW: HDS/L Roundtable & Panel Discussion – Leather – naturally!’

1:15 pm – ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Participants: Manfred Junkert – General Manager of the HDS/L, Thomas Heinen – Heinen Leder, Christiane Brunk – Braun Büffel, Helmut Raaf – Schuhhaus Raaf, Michael Tackenberg – Cads, Petra Nostheide-Eycke (end consumer)

Moderator: Dr Claudia Schulz

At Gallery SHOES, experts from the shoe and leather goods industry will be discussing the many benefits of leather. The panel will also be looking at how leather is viewed by end consumers. And the ‘Leather – naturally!’ roundtable will be taking place straight after the HDS/L press conference.


Fashion Trend PoolSeason’s Best! 20 Must-Haves for Autumn/Winter 2020/21

2:00 pm – ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Speaker: Trend expert Karolina Landowski, Fashion Trend Pool

What are the shoe developments for autumn/winter 2020/21? Which colours are setting the tone this season? What will be the next big hype? Trend expert Karolina Landowski is presenting the most important shoes and accessories looks for the current ordering season.


Presentation by SPOCC – Save the Sale

 3:30 pm, ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Speaker: Daniel Prause, Distribution at ETOS Seithe & Partner

Daniel Prause from ETOS Seithe & Partner will be giving us the lowdown on how shoe retailers can actively increase their conversation rate by up to 35% with valid product data and global stocks from the SPOCC database.


Fashion Forecast for Spring/Summer 2021

4:00 pm – ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Speaker: Trend expert Marga Indra-Heide, Fashion Trend Pool

What’s next? In her fashion forecast, trend expert Marga Indra-Heide will be providing a first comprehensive look at the fashions for the coming spring/summer 2021 season.


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