SHOES DÜSSELDORF sends a Clear Message!

[ March 11, 2022 ]

The sector came together in Düsseldorf. This brief statement in fact aptly sums up the industry event under its new name ‘SHOES DÜSSELDORF’ – because all important buyers were on site meeting with over 600 footwear brands and featuring all relevant brands from Europe (among others from Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Turkey). Add to this the near perfect organisation care of the host Igedo Company once again demonstrating how both practical (short distances) and inspiring (atmosphere and open-plan, inviting stand construction) professional trade fairs can be nowadays. Top this off with the well-known atmosphere of Areal Böhler, which provided the right backdrop for a more than satisfactory trade fair in bright sunshine.


Being hosted in Düsseldorf, a cosmopolitan city that has it all, the event was enjoyed by all participants. Meeting, discussing, sharing worries and hardships – in these still challenging times – and still getting good business done at the end of the day. This is what SHOES DÜSSELDORF has stood for from day one, putting a smile on many satisfied faces.


These difficult times saw SHOES DÜSSELDORF harvest the fruits of past months when the organisers defied the long pandemic and in actual fact found ways to avoid cancelling a single event.


“We notice that the relevance of SHOES DÜSSELDORF continues to grow on social media channels. Never before has there been so much interactive communication going on amongst attendees, i.e. organisers, exhibitors and retailers,” explains Ulrike Kähler.


A major point of exchange between the trade show management and participants related to supply chain issues. A problem that is increasing rather than diminishing and one prompting the Igedo Company to take a landmark decision; namely to already now stipulate that SHOES DÜSSELDORF, as the leading industry event for the 2023/2024 Autumn/Winter season,
will be brought forward as follows:


Sunday – Tuesday

26 – 28 February 2023


“To me actively discussing the future and quickly debating what is feasible and what is possible is also part and parcel of activities during a trade show,” concludes Ulrike Kähler.


Summer – Dates


FASHN ROOMS                                            23 to 25 July 2022

Showroom Concept                                     21 to 25 July 2022


SHOES DÜSSELDORF                                28 to 30 August 2022