Review Gallery SHOES & Fashion 29 – 31 August 2021

[ September 2, 2021 ]


 Gallery SHOES & Fashion

 29 – 31 August 2021

“A positive overall experience for all attendees! Whether exhibitors, buyers, professional visitors, or the speakers from our informative accompanying line-up: the feedback on our event was extremely positive, constructive and enthusiastic – from all sides.”


Ulrike Kähler
Managing Director of Igedo Company


The latest edition of Gallery SHOES & Fashion, from 29 until 31 August 2021, has brought the season to a close on a very positive note. The atmosphere in the ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’, ‘Kaltstahlhalle’ and the ‘Halle am Wasserturm’ at the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf was very good and felt almost carefree due to the strict adherence to the tried-and-tested hygiene concept and the fact that all attendees were able to verify either their vaccination or recovery or provide proof of a negative COVID test. A busier Sunday was followed by an almost just as strong Monday and a quieter Tuesday, which is perfectly normal for the last day of a tradeshow. “All in all, an important experience for the entire sector, which only goes to prove that we, as the organisers, are on the right path. Our virtually uninterrupted market presence throughout the coronavirus crisis has certainly paid off. As a brand and a platform, we were a constant presence that was associated with reliability and continuity. Gallery SHOES has effectively proven that it is the successful order platform for the sector,” continues Ulrike Kähler. “The exhibitors were delighted by the high order numbers. And the variety of collections on show motivated the professional visitors to order and add to their product ranges.”

At the HDS/L press conference during Gallery SHOES & Fashion at the Areal Böhler on Monday, 30 August 2021, Manfred Junkert, General Manager of the HDS/L Bundesverband der Schuh- und Lederwarenindustrie (German Federal Association of the Footwear and Leather Goods Industry), and Brigitte Wischnewski, President of the BDSE Bundesverband des Deutschen Schuheinzelhandels (Federal Association of the German Shoe Retail Trade), both reported that the order event was going way better than anticipated under the current circumstances. According to them, the number of orders placed and the interaction between exhibitors and visitors were very positive. At Gallery SHOES & Fashion, it was also plain to see that a lot of brands and companies had used the crisis to work on other issues and expand their product assortments. And sustainability is one of the key criteria that is coming more and more to the fore, he said.

This was also confirmed by Ulrike Kähler: in the future, the organisers will be placing even more of a focus on the issue of sustainability at the two Gallery formats and this will also be reflected in the programme of accompanying events. The topic already played a key role at this edition of Gallery SHOES & Fashion – for the exhibitors and also in the line-up. “Recycling/upcycling: Create a new style with used materials!” was the briefing for the HDS/L Junior Award 2021, which was presented at the event. Sustainability was also at the focus here. All submissions were exhibited in the media event area.

As well as a full HDS/L press conference, including the prize ceremony of the HDS/L Junior Award 2021, the kick-off event with the live-streamed TW Order-Info on Sunday, 29 August 2021, wasn’t only a resounding success in terms of the numbers of guests attending in person. Fashion Trend Pool and Modeurop also profited from the keen interest in their talks.

Ulrike Kähler underlined the significance of accessories as an important link between the two Gallery formats: they have become an integral part of the exhibitor portfolio at Gallery SHOES & Fashion, both in terms of the bigger picture and what professional buyers are looking for at the event. She also went on to say that, with Gallery FASHION & Shoes, which takes place earlier in the season, the four annual Igedo dates in Düsseldorf are also extremely important for the shoes and accessories sector.

“We are very happy with the current status and our closing event for the year 2021. As motivated and committed as ever, we are looking ahead to the future and already making preparations for the next Gallery FASHION & Shoes in January 2022,” concluded a very satisfied Ulrike Kähler.


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