[ July 15, 2023 ]


This summer we’re going pretty colorful. And feminine. Bright power colors meet delicate pastels, skimpy minis meet voluminous maxi dresses. What will happen next year?

We talk to Gerit Franz from the CafèNoir agency, responsible for the DACH region.
In her Düsseldorf showroom, all signs are already pointing to summer 2024.

Gerit, what is currently going on at the POS?

Gerit Franz: Clearly color! Customers are coming in and craving color. According to the motto: we all need to do ourselves some good.

Which colors?

Gerit Franz: Anything that pops! First and foremost pink, then definitely green. But orange and yellow also go down well. By the way, color is a huge topic not only for shoes, but also for bags in smaller formats. Shiny lacquer is also popular.

Speaking of gloss. How feminine do people buy?

Gerit Franz: Sporty themes are still there, but a lot is being bought in the feminine direction, e.g., feminine dresses and heeled shoes. People have had enough sportswear in their wardrobes since the Corona era. Fashion as a whole is much more dressed up and also more figure-hugging again.

Can you give us a preview of spring/summer 2024?

Gerit Franz: At CafèNoir we focus on color and femininity. In the fashion area, it’s even more figure-hugging. Here’s a tip from me: I style an oversized jacket in a new and feminine way with a waist belt. In general, it goes away from simple, clean looks to more decoration. Brooches, necklaces… it’s all about the little details. It may glitter!