[ October 22, 2021 ]


  • Usual strength in a new context
  • Brand portfolio extended for the coming order season


            FASHN ROOMS 27|28|29|30|31 January 2022

            SHOES DÜSSELDORF 6|7|8 March 2022


Gallery FASHION & Shoes becomes FASHN ROOMS and Gallery SHOES & Fashion gets a new appearance as SHOES DÜSSELDORF at the Areal Böhler from the coming edition in March!


More than just an order-only trade show

The well-established order show will get a “facelift” for a fresher and more up-to-date look and it will open up for new rooms. International trends, inspiration, networking and ordering: Under the new name of FASHN ROOMS proven competence will be offered with a new appearance from the January edition – at the Areal Böhler, one of the most beautiful venues to be seen across Europe.

“We open up new rooms for even more creativity – and will be more flexible and open than a trade show in the classical sense,” says Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director Igedo Company, “Rooms that can be constantly expanded, for fashion and more, for Events & Talks as well as a selected catering offer at the Areal Böhler Park.”


Igedo Company constantly questions its trade show formats and responds to current market and retail needs. The January dates in Düsseldorf meet the needs of the industry. SEE & ORDER – this means seeing and discovering something new, being inspired, touching goods, putting your own collection together and, finally, placing the order. Personal contact, exchange and advice will always remain in the foreground here despite the ongoing digitalisation of communication and collections. The Show “Rooms” temporarily rented out for 5 days in the   ›Kaltstahlhalle‹ and the ›Halle am Wasserturm‹ of the Areal Böhler will allow exhibitors and buyers to work in an optimal, concentrated working atmosphere – beyond the 3-day core duration of the show.

And for the visitors of the city-centre order platforms the shuttles that Igedo Company makes available ensure perfect connectivity.


 More room for new brands: CORE – Quality Focused (Order Show)

The existing Showroom Concept with international top agencies and exhibitors of fashion, shoes & accessories will be enlarged with CORE – a curated selection of exclusive Manufacturing brands: international icon and tradition-rich brands that represent the themes of high relevance to the sector: denim, sportswear, contemporary and outdoor. These high-quality brands with an authentic character and history, predominantly from the menswear segment, had so far been on show at the Selvedge Run and will now showcase their vast potential here.

“The old Selvedge Run community has found a new place at the FASHN ROOMS in Düsseldorf and enters the next round in cooperation with IGEDO Company,” rejoices Shane Brandenburg, co-founder and former Product Manager of Selvedge Run. “With CORE – quality focused (order show) – we bet on the accustomed strengths and treat all brands to a relaxed and work-focused atmosphere at a magnificent venue. The Areal Böhler with its ›Kaltstahlhalle‹ offers brands from around the world the perfect alternative to large, sterile and impersonal exhibition halls.”


The shoe trade show will also get a facelift!


Igedo Company takes another step forward: the former Gallery SHOES & Fashion will also be adapted to the new “SEE & ORDER” concept. The order platform in March 2022 will position itself as the leading German shoe trade show under the new name SHOES DÜSSELDORF.

Next to trending international shoe collections visitors are in for an informative and inspiring accompanying line-up. It includes order information and trend forecasts as well as analyses, facts and figures at the HDS-L press conference. Last but not least, “in” caterers will invite visitors to come together and chill out at the Areal Böhler premises.

More information on FASHN ROOMS and SHOES DÜSSELDORF to follow soon.

All activities of Igedo Company:                                                            igedo.com

For more information on FASHN ROOMS                                              Fashn-rooms.com

For more information on CORE – (Order Show)                                      core-show.com

For more information on SHOES DÜSSELDORF                                 shoes-duesseldorf.com


Dates for the 2nd half of 2022:

FASHN ROOMS 21|22|23|24|25 July 2022

SHOES DÜSSELDORF 28|29|30 August 2022