[ March 24, 2023 ]

It’s never too soon for beautiful things to freshen up and liven up your assortment. Isn’t it?
This also includes the children’s shoe segment. Especially here, it’s worth keeping an eye out for highlights. Best opportunities for this were recently at SHOES DÜSSELDORF, where numerous exciting and interesting kids brands showcased themselves.

The newly created KIDS CORNER area also caught the attention of the visitors. Organized in cooperation with “Squares”, individual international kids labels showed their latest collections and one or the other idea how to inspire parents and kids.

In the style of a concept store, the openly arranged stands invited visitors to grub and discover.Fancy and trendy accessories, so-called “little cute things”, aroused the interest of the visitors. The concept worked. “Retailers need new impulses and exciting products to create incentives for their customers. With the KIDS CORNER, we want to offer highlights and unusual ideas for the children’s shoe business beyond the actual children’s shoe ordering season,” explains Igedo Director Ulrike Kähler. For the next edition of SHOES DÜSSELDORF, which will take place from August 27 – 29, a further cooperation with Squares is planned. New exhibitors are also very welcome!


And what’s going on in fashion for children’s shoes? We took a closer look at the collections and discovered many parallels to the styles for “grown-ups”.


“It’s all about Teddy” is the motto of the shoes for the very youngest. Warm lining and fur trims make sneakers and boots for the first steps a cosy companion. Natural colours and pastel shades underline the cozy look.


Boots on! Cool boys and girls also wear cool boots. Whether biker, Chelsea or boots inspired by the trendy western hype – the new styles leave nothing to be desired in fashion. Function is important: side zippers ensure that you can slip into the boots quickly. Tex, lace stoppers, Velcro and quick lacing systems offer extra comfort.




Boys will be boys. Shoes that follow your every move? Yes, please. On the playground or on an adventure trip in the outdoors. Sneakers and sneaker boots are the favourites of all active boys. Here too, flexible soles, replaceable footbeds and breathable materials are a must.


Outdoor Fun. Perfectly equipped for autumn walks. With lightweight boots suitable for the outdoors, you can easily walk over hill and dale. Soles with grip ensure a solid hold on any terrain. Brightly coloured rubber boots and snow boots in Scandi style keep feet dry even in cold and wet conditions.



Let’s face it, what would a good children’s shoe shop be without inventive, desirable accessories? There were lots of great ideas in the KIDS CORNER. Whether stylish backpacks, satchels, mobile phone cases or small, fanciful things that make life a little bit nicer… Let’s just say: there was a lot going on in Düsseldorf. There was also plenty of inspiration and practical tips for anyone who wants to style their children’s shoe shop like a modern concept shop. Nature and sustainability always in focus!


Curious? Perhaps you will be there when SHOES DÜSSELDORF opens its doors at Areal Böhler from 27 – 29 August.
We promise you: It’s worth it!


What is important when buying children’s shoes?
5 tips from shoe expert Dr. Claudia Schulz

      •  Your child does not need shoes until he or she can walk several steps independently, because walking barefoot promotes motor skills in the long term.
      • Children should always be present when buying shoes so that their feet can be measured and suitable children’s shoes found.
    • The children’s foot measuring system “WMS – fits naturally” recommends that there should still be room for a 1-cent piece in front of the toes in new children’s shoes. This corresponds to a good two shoe sizes, and these are needed for the feet to roll and grow.
    • To prevent children’s feet from slipping forward or being constricted at the sides, good children’s shoes must gently enclose them in width and width.
    • Look for natural and/or breathable materials. Shoes with removable footbeds that allow you to wear your own individual insoles are ideal.


  • *Text and Interview by Dr. Claudia Schulz, Freelance Journalist