[ January 16, 2023 ]

First impulses

The new year is off to a good start. And we are particularly pleased to be meeting you here today. Here, that is, at our new blog, which will be launched on our websiteü right on time for the new autumn/winter 2023/24 order round.

Welcome! Starting now, we will regularly inform you about fashion, trends, and news about SHOES in our blog. We will look behind the scenes and have interviews with exhibitors, visitors and, of course, the organizers. Well, let’s just say: here you’ll find out all you need to know to start the new season well prepared. Look forward to lots of useful information and entertaining articles.

Good resolution 2023: Go into the order season better informed

We don’t know how you are doing. What plans you have in mind for 2023. We’re sure you’ve also made one or two good resolutions. Live healthier, drink (alcohol) less, do more sports… finally quit smoking. The typical things – but will you really succeed? Let’s see. But maybe your resolutions also mean that this year you plan to look more and more intensively at the new collections. As you know, SHOES, which opens its doors from 5 to 7 March 2023, offers the very best opportunity to do so. We are already looking forward to your visit.

Before things get down to the nitty-gritty in the Boehler halls, we would like to look at the trends with you. The coming winter has a lot to offer in the world of fashion. The autumn/winter 2023/24 season is all about COOLNESS AND GLAMOUR. You can’t miss it: fashion is becoming more feminine. Self-confident and a little glamorous, but always mixed with sporty and/or masculine elements. What is immediately noticeable when looking at the new collections: in a time in which a kind of monotony seemed to dominate for far too long, the desire for freedom is suddenly breaking through. It’s all about having one’s own style and more individuality. Personality is celebrated and lived, just like life itself. The boundaries between day and night are becoming increasingly blurred, encouraging looks that do not follow conventions.

The new fashion moves between classic and eccentric. Classics of fashion history are seeing a revival, such as wide-cut pleated trousers, tight pencil skirts, mini-skirts, puffy blouses, cardigans, or maxi coats. Trouser suits remain an important element; cargo trousers with patch pockets are ideal as a contrasting element for cross-dressing or more casual looks. Tailoring is having a comeback as part of the classic revival. It is becoming more “dressed up” again. Silhouettes are becoming more figure-hugging, slimmer, and more feminine. The oversize look is gradually on the retreat. As always, it’s all about the right mix. Clean looks are skillfully celebrated with decorative and feminine elements: Cable-knit and lace patterns on jumpers, slub and pearl details, but also cut-outs and slits that show a lot of bare skin.

And the colors? Expressive (‘gemstone’) colors on the one hand and the big comeback of black on the other are leading the way for these trends. Added to this is neutral grey, which shows itself in many (light) facets. When it comes to materials, designers rely on soft and luxurious textures that caress and support in the same way: Nicki, velvet, corduroy, soft bouclé and warming coarse knits convey a sense of security that discreetly underlines the opulent and feminine understatement of this season.

You are probably already wondering what the new shoe fashion should look like with these trends. Will sneakers stay and if so, what should they look like? What role do boots play? And what about soles? Are pumps coming? Questions after questions, which we will deal with in the next blog post. Stay tuned!



What do you think is the most important message of the new fashion for autumn/winter 2023/24?

Ulrike Kähler: More femininity, more dressed up, I love classic with a certain kick – and I’m very happy that these themes are back in vogue. That suits my style very well.

Which colors do you prefer in your wardrobe?

Ulrike Kähler: Black is certainly one of my all-time favorites. But I also like to mix with some neutral shades. And sometimes a strong color is allowed as an accent. High-quality fabrics are important…

Let’s talk about shoes. What styles do you prefer?

Ulrike Kähler: Feminine-sporty, definitely rather flat, and always with that special something. I pay attention to small details, craftsmanship and of course comfort. Because I am on my feet a lot!