All dressed up, man?

[ June 12, 2023 ]

Let’s face it, if you ask shoe retailers what’s going on in men’s shoes right now, most of them wave it off in annoyance. Actually, they don’t feel like talking about the men’s business. Many men’s shoe departments have been downsized in favour of women’s shoes, if not abandoned altogether. In fact, men’s shoes are not infrequently treated stepmotherly. Men are labelled as purely needy customers who only come when the old shoes are broken or there are a few bargains to be had in a sale.


A pity really. Because men’s shoe fashion has a lot to offer this spring/summer. And business is not that bad after all, according to dedicated retailers. There is also renewed interest in so-called “suit shoes”. Not least because many parties and events are coming up, but also because the younger generation has rediscovered the business shoe. No wonder, when grandpa and grandma wear sneakers, you have to stand out somehow, right? Speaking of sneakers. This season they have to be as white as possible (yes, still!) and clean. Experts call the trendy look “triple white”. In other words: white leather (but no mesh), white soles and white laces.


Back to the suit. Everything that has function works great for men. This also applies to business shoes, because they have to fit well and be comfortable from the first step. That’s why they can cost up to 200 euros. Lace-ups, double monks and clean chelsea boots are among the favourites. Hybrid types that are somewhere between a sneaker and a business shoe are also popular.


Loafers are gaining in importance in the leisure segment. And light canvas shoes – preferably very practical to slip into. Comfort rules! The outdoor business is currently a little weaker. There may be too many trekking and hiking shoeson the market. Now retailers are hoping for warm weather and a run on trekking sandals. Too rustic? How about stylish “Fisherman Sandals” instead? They also go with a suit!