Special edition ‘Gallery SHOES & Fashion Industrial Showroom’

[ March 8, 2021 ]

Special edition

‘Gallery SHOES & Fashion Industrial Showroom’

18 – 20 April 2021

“With all its related segments, the fashion and shoe business is of fundamental importance to the local economy. In strict compliance with COVID-specific trade regulations, the responsible administrative bodies and authorities are therefore supporting the organisation of a pared-back special edition of Gallery SHOES & Fashion. The focus here is on providing a safe and protected environment for placing orders.”

Ulrike Kähler
Managing Director of Igedo Company



As it currently stands, ‘Gallery SHOES & Fashion Industrial Showroom’ will be taking place from 18 – 20 April 2021 in concentrated form: as a special-edition, spaciously laid out, three-day ‘Industrial Showroom’ at the Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf. The generous layout is reflected in the planning of the halls: as well as the three-metre-wide aisles, there will also be at least one metre of space between the individual booths. Visitors should arrange fixed appointments with the participating showrooms and brands in advance.

The special edition is being planned as a hybrid format, which also makes it accessible to professional visitors across Europe who are currently unable to travel to Düsseldorf. As an extra service, selected digital expert presentations and trend talks will be sent out to registered participants via a separate link before and after the event. An outdoor-only, limited catering offer will also be provided, in line with all mandatory physical distancing guidelines.

“Even in the current situation, we are trying our best to offer the full service. The digital experience we gained at the end of January 2021 will be invested in the hybrid format of the upcoming ‘Gallery SHOES & Fashion Industrial Showroom’. And the showroom concept will also be incorporated into the virtual edition,” Ulrike Kähler confirms.


“Of course, the focus on this late order event is no longer on actual seasonal orders, which we usually complete by the end of March,” says Pepijn van Bommel, Commercial Director at FLORIS VAN BOMMEL. “At this stage, it’s mainly about using the platform to meet up with people in person, whilst adhering, of course, to all the safety measures in place. We will be showcasing a small part of our collection that can be ordered later and sent out on a later delivery date.”

Manfred Junkert, General Manager of the HDS/L German Federal Association of the Footwear and Leather Goods Industry, and Prof. Dr Siegfried Jacobs, Deputy General Manager of BTE Handelsverband Textil (the German Textile Trade Association), have a similar view of the situation: during these unprecedented times, the industry urgently needs some semblance of normality in the form of face-to-face meetings and direct contact with new products and collections. They also agree that, as well as being able to order product ranges with later delivery dates, the feeling of being able to resume business again – albeit still with restrictions – is vital from a mental perspective. “Live, face-to-face encounters take communication to a whole new level compared with digital meetings,” continues Manfred Junkert.

Managing Director and co-owner of Melvin & Hamilton, Karim Choukair, adds: “In these difficult times, every company should be making wise decisions – such as choosing to participate in the upcoming edition of Gallery. It’s important for us to show our customers that we are here for them, especially right now. We’re looking forward to finally being able to see our partners live and in person! Even though the event is taking place so late in the season, everyone knows that this is down to the exceptional circumstances of COVID. There’s no such thing as too early or too late in that respect. And there are so many new shoes out there, not to mention all the interesting, innovative projects waiting to be finally discussed!”

That is also the view of Norbert Klauser from Modeagentur Klauser: “Looking beyond the lockdown, the April 2021 edition of Gallery Shoes provides us (and also the retailers) with the opportunity to come and be informed about ways to change the market for the better. We will show our support by taking orders for as long as possible.” If, by the beginning of April 2021, it looks like restrictions may be eased, the special ‘Gallery SHOES & Fashion Industrial Showroom’ format would be adapted accordingly, concludes Ulrike Kähler. Further details about the status of the special edition will follow by the end of March 2021.


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